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Guess What The Food Quizz Game


Guess What The Food Quizz Game Reveal the picture and guess what’s the food. All the delicious foods are gathering here: fruits, vegetables and cuisines in restaurants. Taste the trivia fun now!This is a great and addictive quiz game. How many food icons can you recognize? Challenge your brain, think the word when you see the image in each pic puzzle. You also can challenge your friends to find out who know more icons. Challenge your brain and solve puzzles.Best trivia quiz game ever. guess what’s the famous food brand icon in the picture. Addicted to solve the endless logo puzzles? Challenge them and enjoy the fun now!Guess the food from the zoomed in photo as fast as you can simple!
The ultimate food guessing game, from the makers of the hit game Close Up Pics - join more than 8 million Close Ups users!
- No complicated rules, just start playing and having fun!- Over 200 types of food to guess from with high quality photos!
Name the most popular food brands and companies, known all over the world in one of the most popular logo quizzes on amazon app storeJust how well do you know the most popular food logos?
This app features unique game play! Look at the distorted image of a food logo and solve the name of the logo by typing the available letters into the available black boxes.If it gets too hard, you can always use your hints!
Use hints to solve the food logos that you don’t know. Or use Facebook or Twitter integration for free, and ask your friends about any food logos that you find difficult to solve.
Unlock new levels – the higher the level, the harder the questions, and the harder to unlock the next level! Progressive game play also delivers free hints, which will help you complete the higher levels of logo quiz! - Food.
Additional hints can also be EARNED through offers. We believe that paying to win in games ruins the fun, so we have eliminated the pay option. All features of the logo quiz! - Food are free; no in-app purchases or other hidden costs!
Compare your score with your friends or with public users, by using the integrated leaderboard service from the Google Play services. Test your knowledge in friendly competition!
Additional information:Every day we consume products from different food brands. But just how many of them can we actually name? Test yourself with the logo quiz! Food. It’s completely free.
Easy to play and made for all resolutions, our logo quiz Food brings fun to all devices and screen sizes! Including the new powerful high resolution devices! Plays great on tablets too!